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Bankruptcy Support Services

If faced with the daunting task of filing for bankruptcy, consider outsourcing the task to us.

We, at Hi-Tech LPO, ensure that the filing is done quickly and is devoid of any mistakes. We understand that the phase is emotionally turbulent and assist you with understanding your financial situation to figure the best way-out.

We take care of all the technical aspects that include accurate filing with all financial nitty-gritty, responding to creditors and attending hearings. Additionally, we help you with negotiations and ascertaining terms/ conditions. We also face the public and respond to any queries to keep you away from avoidable controversies and confrontations.

State-of-the-Art Technology Expertise:

  • Drafting and filing of voluntary or involuntary petitions under chapter 7, 11 and 13
  • Well versed in using bankruptcy tools like Best Case, Bankruptcy 2011 and EZ filing
  • Prior bankruptcy background search through
    • PACER
    • Means Test Analysis
    • Liquidation analysis
    • Valuation of vehicles through Kelly Blue Book
    • Valuation of real estate property through Zillow

Our full-spectrum bankruptcy support service offering:

Bankruptcy Support
  • Bankruptcy Preparation, Reporting and Petition Filing
  • Technical Analysis
  • Claims Management
  • Trustee, Examiner and Receiver Services
  • Bankruptcy/ Insolvency Litigation
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Chapter 7 Debt Relief Support
  • Chapter 11 Petition Drafting and Filing
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing
  • Consolidation of Loans
  • Home Foreclosure Defense Litigation
  • Refinance Alternative

At Hi-Tech LPO, we are sensitive to the situation being faced by you and pledge to support you through the entire bankruptcy process. We assist you in cutting pressure from your lenders, to enable you to assess your position with a clear frame of mind. Our experts provide you with tips to help you recover and reach a comfortable financial situation at the earliest.

To ensure that you are extremely comfortable sharing your personal details with us, we assure you of the following:

  • Round-the-clock accessibility, you just need to call or mail us and we get connected instantly
  • All information is confidential with us
  • The data is transmitted through secure FTP channels to ensure information integrity
  • Access to highly qualified, prominent attorneys who are well-versed with all legalities
  • Services handled in a prompt and accurate manner

If faced with a situation that is difficult emotionally as well as financially, consider us your friend who will help you get back on your feet.

Call our 24/7 helpdesk and leave your Contact Details, we’ll get in touch with you this instant.