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Legal Outsourcing News and Updates

Believe it or not!! – Electronic Discovery & Information Governance Lowers E-Discovery Costs

Expensive E-Discovery has become a pain point for a majority of law firms in today’s digitally driven economy. This is because; the implementation of effective and efficient data nature has resulted into a save-everything-for-the worst-situation attitude. Logically speaking, it is much easier to purchase more cheap data storage as compared to scrutinize through piles of […]


3 Benefits of Outsourcing Case Law Research to Save Time and Energy

“Research is creating new knowledge” – Neil Armstrong A thorough research is the key to success in this competitive world! The world is evolving at a great speed – And to keep a pace with it; one needs to as Neil Armstrong said create new means to knowledge to acquire an in depth insight into […]


5 Golden Rules for Effective Electronic discovery & Information Governance

There has been remarkable surge in the exchange of global information, judicial activism and data transformation. Such kind of multifaceted business settings has redefined the industry dynamics. E-discovery has gained an immense popularity in the legal industry. Moreover, with the new developments and reforms getting introduced into the judicial system resulted in an increase in […]


Who Says Legal Processing Outsourcing is only for Large Firms?

Subcontracting online legal research services all set to become a multi-billion dollar business! Legal process outsourcing is largely viewed as a very clever and time-effective business strategy for an attorney; resulting into inflated profit margins, cutting down the client costs and enhanced the quality of service. See list of services a leading LPO Service provider […]


Increasing number of Law Firms Embrace Outsourcing for Office Support Services to Realize Significant Benefits

Based on a survey conducted to measure the interest of law firms in various outsourcing activities, it was established that, big players’ i.e. large law firms – have shown immense interest in outsourcing legal support services to reputed LPOs. The trend indicates that centralized document production, legal research and contract management including M&A due diligence […]


Outsourcing Legal Support Services

Legal profession is now facing much avoided but evolving & stringent changes impacting legal practice and client service. These changes include not only the after effects of economic meltdowns bringing in cost cutting & increased client demands, but also technological inventions & enhanced regulatory compliance, making competition inevitable. The four major drivers responsible for this […]