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Document Drafting Services

The legal profession comes with a vortex of demands that involve adherence to deadlines, hearings, proceedings, client meetings etc. With most of these responsibilities requiring face-to-face interaction and presence, it becomes difficult to have the time and mindset to draft legal document that aptly supports the case.

Especially since document drafting can be extremely time-consuming that requires precision, knowledge and thorough research of prevalent laws with analysis of preceding similar cases.

Hi-Tech LPO provides legal document drafting services that fit your business requirements at exceptionally low cost.

Our legal experts are well aware of laws of various jurisdictions and have been extremely effective in different types of contracts.

Our Document Drafting Services includes:

  • Affidavits, joint agreements and settlements
  • Briefs, complaints, dictations and notices
  • Brokerage documents
  • Business start-up, contracts and company documents
  • Consultancy and service agreements
  • Copyrights and notices
  • Donation forms
  • Electronic document discovery
  • Employment contracts
  • Interrogatories, requests and motion to compel
  • Loan and finance documents
  • Logistics and service agreements
  • Master purchase and sale agreements
  • Memorandum of laws
  • Private placement memorandum
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Subpoenas and deposition notices
  • Will & testaments

At Hi-Tech LPO, we ensure that every document is drafted with accuracy to ensure minimal errors. Our experts have access to vast source of current legal information with access to libraries, databases and key information sources.

The in-house IT team ensures that all work is performed in a confidential technical setup and transferred through secure FTP channels to ensure that information is never compromised. Since our clients are spread across the globe, the work never stops giving you round-the-clock access to our executives.

We, at Hi-Tech LPO, have a holistic approach to our work and the solutions we offer. We choose to adhere to fair practices and an honest approach.

Additionally, we have a simple and transparent pricing structure that allows you to choose services while capping your costs.

Contact us and take a moment to tell us about your document drafting needs, we’ll get back to you immediately with a free quote.