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eDiscovery Services

We offer end-to-end services that span across all phases of electronic discovery, including some of the riskiest and costliest areas of collecting, preserving and reviewing electronic information for legal matters. We successfully deliver, through that perfect blend of people, processes, technology & controls. Our proven expertise in offering eDiscovery services will help you in reducing your eDiscovery costs, considerably, year on year.

Our services also includes intelligent preservation and preview process, an approach towards appropriate identification, collection and preservation of electronic evidence, to bridge the gap between Legal and IT considerations & moderate it, one of the riskiest areas of eDiscovery.

Our Electronic Discovery Service Portfolio:

  • Data & Tape Indexing & Restoration includes extraction and preservation of data that can be of key importance in any criminal or civil case. We help you restore tapes (even from obsolete media), verify them and identify tapes that are no longer needed.
  • Data collection & early case assessment experts at Hi-Tech assemble information that is relevant to your case and evaluate it to help you develop a formidable litigation strategy or prepare a settlement plan.
  • Data processing & complex analytics support services are geared to reduce the risk, time and expenses related to discovery.
  • Digital Forensics consultants at Hi-Tech are specialized in internal investigation, white color crimes, employment litigation and intellectual property disputes.
  • Document review professionals can provide efficient assistance in complex business disputes and investigations. Our metric based trends and pattern tracking approach helps our clients take informed decisions.
  • eDiscovery Consulting portfolio includes case management, helping clients be prepared for litigation assessments, address all types of litigation requirements, and planning strategy for meet and confer.
  • eDiscovery Processing solutions allow clients narrow down their data base to potentially relevant documents. This will help you accelerate the discovery process and hence ensure a better quality and defensibility.
  • Electronic data recovery service experts can efficiently recover data lost due to accidental deletion, corrupted media, hardware crash and other factors like fire and water damage.

We collect detailed information pertaining to the said legal or criminal case, and sort relevant files based on keywords, data restrictions and logical relevancy. We eliminate superfluous and irrelevant data to narrow down the pool of electronic evidence, and thus make it easy for the attorneys to manage the database. Working in close conjunction with our clients, we help them mitigate risks during litigation by implementing a thorough defensible work process. We also manage critical eDiscovery issues that ensure improved outcomes. Our team delivers expert electronic discovery services using the best tools, to facilitate attorneys, legal counsels and lawyers, predict and manage the eDiscovery costs.

Our eDiscovery expertise combined with the latest tools and a focus on efficient planning and disciplined execution has helped us consistently extend good quality and efficient eDiscovery solutions to our clients from the legal sector.

We run our business based on the foundation of commitment to work and a promise of delivering excellence. We can deliver even in the face of aggressive deadlines and disparate sources. Our integrated eDiscovery processes are more defensible and transparent. Law firms, legal counsels and corporate legal departments across the world, can collaborate with Hi-Tech for reduced costs, accelerated discovery readiness, higher quality, scalability and better defensibility.