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Legal Process Outsourcing

Our LPO team delivers variety of value-added legal services, including Contract administration and maintenance, Due diligence, IP and governance, Litigation support & document review, Risk management and compliance, & Word processing services. Hi-Tech LPO would help your law firm or corporate legal department to enhance their processes for value addition. We also assist you to get additional strategic value from your daily operations by tracking your metrics and measures, efficiently & regularly. We have the consulting expertise to categorize, how we can enhance without compromising the quality of work.

Hi-Tech LPO extends comprehensive legal process outsourcing services, and makes it easy for Law firms and legal departments to manage their resources efficiently, increase their productivity and brace up to the challenges posed by the ever increasing data volumes. We help law firms strategically manage everyday work, track metrics and measure efficiency.

Legal Outsourcing Services for Law Firms & Attorneys

Legal Support Services

Our experts have the experience of working on projects pertaining to tax and real estate disputes, corporate law, litigation to name a few. While lawyers focus on ‘practice of law’, our professionals support them by providing highly fast tracked cost effective support services.

Litigation Support Services

Litigation support services by Hi-Tech, focus on offering comprehensive support for all your critical responsibilities. We provide prompt support by extending support for eDiscovery, document review, summary analysis, privilege log and chronologies and many more, are responsive to the requirements of our clients.

Bankruptcy Support Services

We extend a full spectrum of Bankruptcy support services and help our clients file for bankruptcy. Additionally we also help clients negotiate and ascertain the terms and conditions. We are experts in supporting our clients through all phases of insolvency proceedings, wherein we coordinate with attorneys, extend analysis for petitions and affiliated motions and also prepare court mandated reports.

eDiscovery and Document Review

End-to-end eDiscovery and document review services, to support and help you to be prepared for litigation. Our best resources, relevant tools and infrastructural facilities to fast track your projects, will partner you to considerably save on reducing eDiscovery costs.

Legal Research and Document Drafting

Our legal research and drafting services are aimed at identifying and retrieving relevant information to support the client’s case. We access and retrieve data from various mediums including books, magazines, research papers, newspapers, whitepapers and case studies etc of both types electronic and analog. Lawyers can dedicate their time and efforts in practice of law, while we do the support work of conducting in depth research and finding the most relevant and crucial information pertaining to the case for them.

Contract management solutions

Contract management solutions, by experts at Hi-Tech, feature advanced reporting and analytics to help clients manage key contract milestones and obligations. Our comprehensive list of services also includes contract review and analysis, drafting and negotiations, contract maintenance in an audit ready state etc. to name a few.

We understand that activities associated with the practice of law are extremely volatile and sporadic in nature. The scope of these activities and nature of work can also change as the case progresses, and hence we contour our services along your specific/changing requirements and propose pricing models accordingly.

At Hi-Tech we have the finest combination of legal support service experts, latest and the most relevant tools and technologies and a best-in-class scalable infrastructure. We are one of the most trusted Legal Outsourcing Companies in India, and our client base includes several reputed Law firms, Fortune 500 companies and legal counsels from all over the world.